GreenTom Upp

Conceived by industrial designer Bart Bost, the Greentom Upp is an eco friendly stroller boasting ease of use, versatility, comfort, and designer appeal. It was awarded the prestigious Innovation Award at the Kind und Jugend show in Cologne on September 19, 2013.

Bart’s goal was to design a sustainable stroller. Sustainability starts at the drawing board and follows a product through its complete lifecycle. The Greentom Upp is produced using recyclable and biobased materials PP and PET. These materials account for 93% of the Upp’s components, furthermore the Upp is 97% recyclable and 3% reusable.

However, the Upp’s green credentials don’t stop there, thanks to its clever design the Upp can be assembled in less than 3 minutes, compared to 8 hours needed for a more conventional stroller. This means the units can be assembled in Europe reducing transportation and carbon emissions. At the end of its lifecycle, Greentom Upp can be reused or recycled. This is sustainability according to the “cradle to cradle” principle.

The Upp Combi provides a complete travel system from birth up to 18kg. The system can be used as a carrycot, lie-back stroller and finally a traditional stroller, adapting with your child to meet their needs. The Greentom Upp Stroller may be used from 6 months, both versions are available in red, sand, petrol and black.

GreenTom Award Winning Baby Stroller
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Watch the GreenTom Video!

The world's first 100% green stroller

Watch the GreenTom Video!

How to attach the Anyway facing seat

Watch the GreenTom Video!

How to attach the Carry Cot

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